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"Coming Họmẹ is a heartfelt story of refugees trying to start over after fleeing their country. This journey is both heartwarming and harrowing. Everyone can relate to this phenomenal story about defining your identity, your values, and building intercultural connections." 

- Rola Tibshirani, Educator

"Each poem, each line, each word, each break were masterfully crafted to speak to your soul, to caress it until it cries tears it has long held back."

- Tan Huynh, Educator, Podcast Host

"The subtle word play takes readers on a journey around the world. It is one of pain, love, challenges and resilience. Coming Họmẹ teaches us to appreciate who we are and where we came from. Each poem will resonate with readers as they reflect on their own journeys through life."

- Brett Walker, High School  English Teacher

"Beautiful and powerful prose. I felt transported through journeys and into each character's life. The vignettes invite the reader to experience the hope and resilience of settling into a new country."

- Mante  Molepo, Antiracism and EDI Consultant

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