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Open Book

Classroom Conversations

A Collection of Poems

How can you use this text in the classroom? What wonderings and questions do you have? How might you use this text across various curriculum areas?

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(Coming Họmẹ | copyright EduMatch Publishing )
Illustrated by Alejandro Contreras

Social Sciences

A Multiple Curriculum Approach

This text can provide opportunities for students to explore concepts and relationships connected to global citizenship, immigration, equity, perspectives, democracy, inclusiveness and stewardship.

Image by Saketh Garuda

Language Arts

A Multiple Curriculum Approach

There are multiple entry points for students to engage in real-life conversations and reflections related to identity, language , cultural values and social justice. The poetic verses and illustrations can be springboards to analyse a range of literary and poetic devices.

Image by Alice Hampson


A Multiple Curriculum Approach

Students can extend their creativity and build on their critical thinking skills related to multiple  perspectives, points of view and communication.

Image by Evie S.
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