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Tu Vuong

Author | Coming Họmẹ 

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Coming Họmẹ  
(May 2022)

"Coming Họmẹ is an autobiographical collection of poems about a young girl’s immigration story with her family from Vietnam to Canada as a civil war escalates following the collapse of French Indochina. 


The author evokes raw emotions through stylistic word play as she explores her past, contemplates her present and simultaneously moves forward in a journey of courage, forgiveness and healing."


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"I am in awe of the prose and the illustrations, both so powerful. I think what I am in awe of the most is how few words created this authentic identity text, the precision, the voice, loud yet calm."

Carrie Mage, Educator, Student Achievement Consultant


"This is an amazing book that shows a journey of self-discovery, healing and relationships. The writing is raw and powerful. The illustrations complement the text and bring them to life. The book has a gentle, intentional and fierce purpose!"

Rabia Khokhar, Elementary Teacher, Education and Equity Consultant

"Individually, each page of poetry would be great as mirrors and windows for readers as they make their own personal connections to themselves as well as to today's world events."

Hieu Fraser, Educator, Author of "The Little Girl"


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About the Author

Tu Vuong is an educator who has worked as a consultant, teacher and advocate for newcomer families and students. She has been a lead in projects with the Ontario Ministry of Education, Apple Education, and has contributed numerous educational content to various magazines, blogs and podcasts. She is a recipient of the Director of Education Commendation Award 2022. She currently resides in Ottawa, Canada.

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